Can't see any CAN traffic on OBD

Hi this is similar to my other problem but now it is with another car.

First of all I connect the CBT with the OBD cable and try to set the baudrate with AutoBaud but it fails to find a good rate so I googled some and found out it should be 500k but when i set it to that specific rate nothing happens I also tried every rate to try but no luck...

What am I missing? The car I tried is mainly a Chevrolet Transport but also an Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2014 with same result "/

had similar behaviour in my Audi B7, turns out Audi has gateway that blocks outgoing data if not requesting specific kind of data. to bypass that, connect CBT directly into canlines, I did this behind instrument cluster (which has infotainment, comfort and engine buses) and it worked well.

On the sprinter, gateway is blocking... Discovered that on my E320. Had to connect directly into the B and C bus behind the gateway. The gateway is like a firewall. DLC16 port only accepts OBD commands and translates them to to the other nodes. Dig up the wiring diag, find the data HUBs, and wire in there.

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