'Man in the middle' with an ECU with an RS232 output but not CAN

I'm trying to help my cousin who wants to re-engine an Mazda RX8. He has a tuned Ford Zetec engine that uses a Pectel T2 ECU and this is what he wants to put in the RX8. The Pectel ECU doesn't support Can Bus but does have an RS232 logger port.

I've been looking at ways to translate the logging output from the ECU RS232 port ino CAN-Bus messages for the dashboard. This doesn't seem to be what the CBT was intended for but I wonder if it would be possible with some bespoke code? Originally I was planning to go with the Arduino & Can-Bus shield but this has the potential to be a better solution. Anyone with any insights that may help me understand if this is feasible?

Thanks, an interesting device, which does a lot of what I need (with some software writing). It's quite a lot more expensive than the CBT so I'd still like to be able to do it this way.

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