the wiring diagrams show CBT 2 first pins are 12+VDC and ground, how ever when I connect those the CBT is never powered, only way to power is via USB cable.

Am I missing something or is that expected behaviour ?

If you accidentally short the +12v and GND pins the switch that controls the power source will break and the only way to power the device will be USB.

I power both of my CBT on 12v power.


@jpsimos I swear that DC regulator had reverse polarity protection but I should revisit the data sheet.

Also you're repaired unit is on it's way, it may have already arrived!

I'm 99% sure I have not accidentally switched gnd/pwr.
I studied pinout thoroughly before connecting.

Who / where is the board assembled, factory or in garage ? I ask cause I know how tricky smc can be before final cooking.

Any tips on how to debug 12v powering ? Cause if I've received a faulty board I'd want that fixed. Had to move on to self constructed hardware since CBT wasn't working correctly on HW and kind of SW (which is fixable) level.

Well, can now confirm, nothing happens with 12+ (max 2A) on VCC and GND pins... board is never powered so i was prepared to kill this thing, so I reversed VCC and GND and got some bzzz and awesome smell of fried hardware.

I honestly gotta admit, this purchase was a big flop, just too many things thats left to "trial-n-error".

For anyone else looking in buyin CBT, I deeply recommend, get some MCP25xx on your own, a arduino and you're better off with example sketches available from the community. It will most definitely be much cheaper and less headaches.

The idea was good but yeah...

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