No devices available for sale??

@afgun Thanks! I've been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, which is weird as I'm not overweight and in pretty good health. I have been using a CPAP machine and slowly but surely coming back to life! :)

Over the last couple years the issue had continued to get worse, to the point where I couldn't walk up stairs as my joints hurt and I should not have been driving a car.

So I'm back at it now. Sorry to everyone for my lack of involvement over the past year.

I can confirm they're shipping, I've got a shiny new one to play with right now! Thanks Derek.

Yeah, I would like to have one too, even if it is a pre-owned unit.

Hope there will be more devices available for sale soon!

+1 me too. Preferably not the plastic one, but I'll take what I can get now!

@Derek Hello, i've impressed by this device, this is best of i seen))
I'm Waiting when it will appear in sell and hope it will be soon.
I'm also interesting in devices, whose can be as translators for CAN Buses Between cars components. For example connect Mercedes V6 CDI engine with chevy transmission for FWD 6T45 , for instaling in cars with FWD I'd like it on Eclipse Spyder G2.
Or for instaling on RangeRovers or many other units combinations. I occupied by instaling Can-Bus wiring in old cars for whole electronics inside, but saving style of interior.
Waiting Triple Can units))
KollesoBrothers Engine Swapping Team.

Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that I checked the store this morning, and there are more available now! I picked up a black limited edition. Stoked!!!

Looks like the store is out of stock. Any news on when they will be available again?


Looking for a device myself. Any thoughts on maybe selling a builder package with just the board and components?

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