Hi, had a quick question about a project Im working on...

Basically, Im using the "middleware" so the CBT acts as a gateway between high speed 11-bit 500k CAN bus #1 and 11-bit 500k high speed CAN bus #3

Im having the CBT modify some packets, etc. Works perfectly!!

But now I want to take the currently unused CAN bus #2 channel on the CBT and then use it for low-speed single-wire CAN interfacing, specifically low speed GMLAN, which is 29-bit, 33.33k bitrate.

I just want to do some separate/isolated stuff on the 29-bit low speed bus, while high speed 11-bit CAN#1 and CAN#2 mirroring putters along in the background.

I dont need to receive or monitor anything on the low-speed 29-bit bus, and I dont need to log/display low-speed CAN traffic to the serial monitor/PC terminal. I just need to send a few simple commands.

Any reason the CBT couldnt be configured like that? I assume the processor is fast enough to do all of that? I have all serial-output stuff turned off because I dont need to log anything with my computer, and I figured that would speed things up a bit and lighten processor load...

Thoughts, ideas?


I am just learning this community also for GM vehicle networks....but I cannot find my shopping cart to even start the purchase!
I will keep punching around but hope to hear more than the crickets on this post.

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