Support seems poor: What do the status indicators mean?

The App's hardware page has status registers that so red or gray circles to indicate different statuses related to the CAN bus. They are divided into Status, Control, Error each with a number of flags. There does not seem to be any support documentation indicating the meaning of any of the flags. If anyone has any idea I would love to know.

The CBT is really just a cleanly implemented pcb that has 3 x MCP2515 chips and a programmable MCU to make them do stuff. The register flags you are asking about are results from the MCPs normal operation and can be explored in greater detail by reading the MCP2515 datasheet available from Microchip and also peering at the CBT's PCB design.

The CBT is targeted at developers.


I'm not going to deny that. I've been slammed by life but I continue to spend all my free time on the project.

As @jpsimos mentioned the status registers are the values directly from the MCP2515 and you can find more info about that in the data sheet here.

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