Hi guys, could anyone point me in the direction on where to buy the materials to make a OBDII cable for the CBT? Like where can you get the connector that goes into the CBT, and where do you find a OBDII connector that's empty with the exception of a bare PCB?

Thanks for any insight,

I made my cable using products from http://www.obd2cables.com/products/

You are probably looking for the one with all sixteen pins to open so you can solder the wires depending on your configuration. They are like thirteen bucks. Can't go wrong.

Perfect, thank you mate!


I'd love to continue making these but I have to order a thousand minimum to make them are a reasonable price. And it's a ton of labor on my part to assemble them. I did over a thousand by hand, it sucked and I would rather spend that time on support and future hardware.

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