I am directly onto my GM 33.33 bus and I can log data quite successfully. I have found a number of packets that do fun things but when I attempt to replay them nothing happens.

What are some possible causes of this. Are there wake-up packets that I need to send first?

For example, the packet for the interior lights is:

0x10042040 Data [02 00 06 00 05 a5 00 00] Length = 6

Replaying this packet does nothing. Firmware issue? Bit rate issue? wtf mate


It depends on if the nodes on the network are listening and in fact do respond to the messages you're sending. For example on my Mazda it will send a packet out when I lock the doors, but sending the same message will not lock the doors because the BCM doesn't listen and react to it. It sends the messages out as an event for other nodes to be informed of the event.

I found a bug in the 29-bit firmware that causes the ID of the message to become corrupt when receiving serial command. I fixed that, now I can do lots of fun stuff.

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