I've had my CBT for a while now but only now getting to the project I was intending to use it for. I'm able to plug in the unit to my car and start the app and get data, but am not seeing all the PIDs I was expecting.

Am I understanding it correctly that I need to update the firmware specific for the PIDs I want to watch by updating the filters and defining the RXFnnnn's in CANBus.h, upload that firmware to my device and then use the app to see those PIDs? Then repeat as I learn from what I see?

I have what I think is a reasonably accurate list of PIDs for my car that someone decompiled the ECU software here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QWEt5gEb6yeZ8PwMT_SXisGhGD1cAQcvD4sLVAOojJg/pubhtml
but there are a few others that I'm looking to confirm.

Lastly, did all the CBTs ship with Bluetooth 4.0 or is that just later devices? I'm successfully seeing packets via USB and it does list a Bluetooth interface in the app, but I'm not connecting it appears.

TIA...looking forward to learning how to explore the CAN on my Mazda.


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