29-bit firmware ready to download?

I'm new to CBT and wanted to start sniffing a CAN bus. It turned out that it's working at 1Mbps and all uses 29bit ID's. I expected that the desktop application (I know it's alpha) can display packets from both 11 and 29bit IDs but I get nothing on the trace. Did I misunderstand something? I see that 29-bit mode must be compiled? Is there a ready-made firmware for 29bit that plays together with the desktop app/wireshark? Until now, I can't really use my CBT ;-(

and another newbie question: can I send CAN messages? how?

Thanks for your help.

How did you know that you need 29-bit IDs?

I only ask because I can't figure it out. I had 29-bit IDs working but not without throwing errors on my dashboard first only to find out that I didn't need to use 29-bit IDs, switched back to 11-bit and now I think I'm having trouble getting my OEM display to change text and think its because I need to go back to 29-bit.

Compiling the 29-bit version that is on github isn't too time consuming, download the Arduino IDE, plug the device into your machine and build the source code. It isn't too bad and as long as you don't need 83.3kbps, it should work right away.

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The CBT desktop software does not support 29-bit messages. If you are a programmer, you can code your own application that connects to the serial port and receives the data and handles it properly. If not, simply use CoolTerm to log the data into a text file then parse it in Excel or something.

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