Raspberry Pi & PICAN2 to GMLAN via Cluster Issues


I am very new to CAN and am not sure if my setup is correct, any help is appreciated!

I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 with a PICAN2 board hooked up to a GM Cluster. My issue is getting my can0 device to talk to the Cluster.

I have the CAN_L on the screw terminal of the PICAN2 board wired to the GRND in the screw terminal. I then wired the CAN_H on the screw terminal to the GMLAN pin on the Cluster. I did this because GMLAN is a single wire CAN system (SWCAN).

I have all of the modules loaded on the raspberry pi and use the below command to setup the can device.
'sudo ip link set can0 up type can bitrate 33333'

Once the device is added the can0 device is in the 'ERROR-ACTIVE' state. Once I connect the CAN_H to the GMLAN pin on the cluster it goes into 'ERROR-PASSIVE' and does not receiver any packets. Any help with this issue would be awesome!

This forum is for the CanBus Triple. You should ground the CAN_L to the ground on the OBD port.

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