I'm pretty new to the car scene and only just discovered CANBUS, my CBT is on it's way and I can't wait to get stuck in.

Although I'm wondering if anyone know's how the voice control works in Mazda vehicles? Does it go via the CANBUS? Would I be able to modify the voice/speech? I assume the speech is stored in the ECU, could I "hook" in to this and redirect the requests via the CBT over bluetooth?


I think its in the navi unit, but that's just a guess from studying the wiring diagrams and removing that navi unit once. Definitely something to explore.

I can most definitely say it's not controlled by the ecu, and I doubt the bcm has anything to do with it also.

My Mazda 5 doesn't have the nav option but still uses the voice control for bluetooth pairing, etc. Which isn't to say some of the guts of the nav aren't installed in all cars and simply exposed in an installed interface.

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