What about a DIY board ?

As it takes time to assemble them, may be a Solder It Yourself version, in the store could reach makers.
Just selling the parts could cut the chase.

That's actually doable. There's a DIP version of MCP2515 which means you can solder it in place of the chips and http://www.gearbest.com/boards-shields/pp_226799.html?currency=USD&vip=760186&gclid=CJeK_tfSzdICFUdlfgod50sIhA has a arduino board based on the atmega32u4 chip used.
chrome-extension://ecnphlgnajanjnkcmbpancdjoidceilk/content/web/viewer.html?file=http%3A%2F%2Fww1.microchip.com%2Fdownloads%2Fen%2FDeviceDoc%2F21667E.pdf says its available in PDIP.
The rest of the stuff- LEDs, Power regulators etc. can be bought at your local store and wired up.

To be further reviewed for possibility. Just follow the schematics! Let me know ur progress!

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