Greetings all,

I'm new to this level of computing and CAN-Bus. A year ago I completed an engine swap; I put in a 2012 Nissan V8 into an older 2005 Nissan platform (the vehicle specifics are confidential at the moment). Included in the swap, I wired in the OEM ECU that came with the newer engine. I figured that Nissan is Nissan, so the CAN system should work, not the case. The engine starts but none of the OEM functions work, ie HVAC, tachometer, coolant temp, ABS, traction control, cruise control, but most importantly the cooling fans. After I isolated the problem down to CAN, I reached out to the aftermarket tuners, wiring specialist and reputable performance shops, but no one wanted or knew how to help with this problem. So at this point I'm looking for a way to convert CAN messages back and forth over the network so the ECU and the car's various modules can communicate. After taking a break, a year later after reading on other car forums about CAN issues I stumble onto Arduino and Can Bus triple. I know that CBT is capable of many things but I have not read or seen anything about using it to convert messages in this manner. So the question I'm asking is CBT able to do this? I'm running out of options so I wanted to see if anyone could confirm this before buying. I will provide more details about this project to clarify things.

Thanks in advance