I just recently decided to assemble my own CANBus Triple by having the PCB manufactured and then soldering on all the required components myself. I was able to flash the CBT boodloader onto the ATmega32U4, and also flash the CANBus Triple Arduino script, so all is working fine on that side. However, I am having trouble flashing the BLE112 firmware. I do not have a CC Debugger tool so I am trying to flash the bluetooth firmware via the USB passthrough method. I have installed the Bluegiga SDK software also.

The problem is that I am unable to get the BLE112 to enter DFU mode it seems. The bluetooth device does not appear when attempting to scan for it on my Android phone; I'm guessing this is expected since it doesn't even have any firmware on it yet? I'm able to put the CANBus Triple into USB passthrough mode by issuing a "0x08 0x02" command (LED indicators confirm this suceeded), but after that when I connect to it via the Bluegiga SDK, it doesn't respond to any command being sent to it from the SDK. No matter what I just get nothing back from the BLE112.

It mentions in the CBT docs for bluetooth firmware that there should be a blue "DFU" button in the CBT app, under the hardware tab, but I don't see this anywhere. The other method of using the "LightBlue" app isn't of any help to me since I have an Android phone and this app doesn't appear to be on the Google Play store.

What are the next steps that I could take here? I'm fairly certain that I didn't physically damage the BLE112 when I soldered it on, so how can I enter DFU mode on the BLE112 without a CC Debugger?

If the blue LED appears for a second when you boot the device, it is functioning OK. If not, you might have to program it with a CC debugger the first time, then use USB after that. If you plan on frequently changing / developing the BLE firmware, I suggest buying a debugger. One time, I accidentally flashed some firmware that did not let me enter DFU mode. Also, you should consult the Bluegiga development forms.

When the board is first powered on via USB, the blue LED does flash right away and it stays on for a very short time before going out again. If this means that the BLE112 is fine, shouldn't it also be broadcasting and discoverable from a Bluetooth scan?

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