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Hey gang, Amish Country PA reporting in. Just got my package in the mail! I'm a software engineer and work primarily in tooling and API writing, so I think I'll be able to help out with the abstraction layer. Lots of neat emoticons to choose from, here's a pig :@)

Hey guys, I'm Joel from southern California. I've dabbled a bit with arduino and have done sniffing on CAN, but have never gotten around to building anything to interface with and send packets on it. I'm looking forward to using the CBT I received as my backer reward to control some convenience features on my W204 using my phone like locks, windows, etc. Now to find the time between work and school!

Hey all!

Marric from Detroit, MI.

I'm hoping to use my CBT with my Mazda 6 Hatch, initially just to tinker. Havent really decided what to use it for yet, I'm thinking of using it to display MPG/engine information on the radio display for now. In the near future, I plan to purchase a Mazda Rx-8 and do an engine swap of some kind (LSX or 3.7 MZR), with the CBT handling the gauge gremlins I might face.

Hi! My name is Henk Kuipers and I live in The Netherlands. I am currently using a proprietary Canbus Function Extender from Volvotech.eu in my 2005 Volvo XC70 Ocean Race (works fine). I would like to replace it by the Canbus Triple and add more functions. My ultimate goal is to control it using my Nymi band (www.nymi.com).

Hello All. bvallerand here from Detroit area. I am working on using the CBT to disable and possibly augment the factory Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) in a 2014 Subaru Forester XT. In recent model years Subaru has made it impossible to disable the VDC in 90% of their vehicles (STI and a few others excluded).

Hi All
Just received my CBT and I am excited to get started. I tinker with VW cars mostly so will be headed in that direction.
I have little to know programming knowledge so would like to get some basic knowledge. What would be the best place to start learning? Would learning about GIT or hex or what? Please point me in the right direction if you can.

@cleturno‌ While git is amazing and I certainly wouldn't discourage you from learning it, it won't really help you out with the CBT. Hex (hexadecimal) is different numbering system. Instead of 0-9 it uses 0-F. Google is your friend here. As far as actual programming, I'd suggest looking through the example sketches provided with the Arduino IDE. It's very similar to C. Best of luck!


@cleturno: I'd say start with some basic Arduino tutorials. Then you can move on to dealing with the CAN part of the device.

See the Basics section here: http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/HomePage

Thanks KaratemanTJ and Derek. I look forward to learning some new stuff and playing with the CBT.

I am Kyle and I just got my CBT. Don't have a lot of programming experiene but I am learning about programing so I can write my own tunes. With the CANbus taking over, I thought the CBT would be a good way to learn.

Hello Everyone. I'm from Russia, Moscow. got my CBT last week. My ultimate goal is to expand base headuint functionality of my BMW f30 with my old Nexus 7. Will see how successful this will be. I'm a software engineer but pretty far from any HW development.

I am planning to use my Nexus 7 also. What is cool with this tablet, is the original USB connector (4 golden pins). Wiring can be more professional look using a dock with that connector.


Cool! The app supports USB OTG so you can connect the Nexus7 direct to the CANBus Triple. Should have that up in the store soon!

Hi Everyone. I'm currently converting an old Citroen 2CV to electric. The controller I am using is a Sevcon 3Phase AC controller which happens to have a CAN interface. The plan is to create an Android or IOS powered dashboard which communicates with the controller via the Bluetooth and the CBT/CANBus. I want to display realtime information about the controller (voltage, current, temp etc) but also create an interface for updating controller parameters. I also intend to interface with the charger which also has a CAN bus. This is to allow adjustment of charger parameters and also monitor charging and act if necessary.


Hey Tom, that sounds awesome! Keep us updated on the progress

I'm writing an LCD replacement for a Hyundai Genesis Coupe that will allow display of HVAC and audio controls within an Android tablet (that will reside where the stock LCD was previously mounted).

Hey Derek, will do. Here is the facebook page that I set up for it which is documenting progress on the project.

Hi I am Christopher from the UK.

I would like to be able to get my Chrysler 300C 2008 to fold in the mirrors and roll up the front windows and close the sunroof if they are open on car locking.

Looking forward to doing this if my car supports this hardware.

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