I'm eager to get started with my little magic orange box, but I don't have any idea what sort of messages my RX-8 is flinging around.

Has anyone written a sketch that will just capture some packets and dump them via the USB console?


The base firmware will do this, but you may want to update it to the latest version. It's locked at 125kbps at the moment, as I'm working on automatic baud rate detection.

Out of the box your until will be locked at 125kbps. But you can connect it to a CAN network and send the dump command over USB serial and it will display the packets.

Check out my post here:http://forum.canb.us/discussion/43/serial-commands#latest

see https://github.com/tz1/CANBus-Triple - the CanBusTriple diag might be what you want. I'm about to start playing with it now that I have the units in hand.

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