Hey everyone,

i just received a letter from the german customs, that the CBT is arrived and they need to see the bill to colect the taxes.
I couldn't find a right bill from Kickstarter / amazon Payments and i want ask, if the bill is inside the package, so that i can open it in front of the customs officer.

Thank you previously.

i have the same problem!

I already mailed you per Kickstarter Derek :)

is the Invoice inside the package? or can you please mail us the invoice?

gz irn


Hey guys, sorry I didn't realize this was a requirement in Germany.

I'm putting together an invoice for everyone in Germany so you can forward it to customs. Once i get some feedback i will type them all up manually and email them to you. Sorry about the hassle.

Thank you very much... But please don't take too much time, it will only be there for two weeks. If we don't fetch it in two weeks, the will send it back or destroy it.
Greets Fry


Hey Fry, I just emailed you an invoice. Let me know how it goes so we can be sure all our German friends are hacking soon!

I'll sent my mother this morning to the customs office. But i have now all forms and it should be easy goeing to get the package.

Thank you again ;)


now i've got my CBT unit.
My mom told me, that the CBT was a giant riddle for the customs offficers. One of them thought, that this is for Guitars, the other one thought it was for a car :D

And i don't know what the have done at their school time, but they did need over 20 minutes to calculate USD to Euro and 19% Tax..

Whatever, now i can go Hacking ;) Thanks Derek

Greets Fry

Bot my CBT to. You invoice works great for me.

The costums agent was searching for a CE sign. But i told him its a prototype.

Every thing is fine.

1 cable in the obd2 connector was Broken but i Solder it myself.

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