CANBusTriple Compiling Error

Hi guys!

I received my CANBusTriple yesterday, and now I'm trying to follow "Getting Started", but when I click "Build and Upload" button, I get this:

In file included from C:\Users\elieser.leao\Documents\Arduino\hardware\CANBus-Triple\avr\cores\arduino/Arduino.h:28:0,
from C:\Users\elieser.leao\Documents\Arduino\hardware\CANBus-Triple\avr\libraries\SPI/SPI.h:17,
from CANBusTriple.ino:9:
SerialCommand.h: In member function 'void SerialCommand::printSystemDebug()':
C:\Users\elieser.leao\Documents\Arduino\hardware\CANBus-Triple\avr\cores\arduino/WString.h:38:74: error: initializer fails to determine size of '__c'
#define F(string_literal) (reinterpret_cast<const __FlashStringHelper *>(PSTR(string_literal)))
SerialCommand.h:461:23: note: in expansion of macro 'F'
activeSerial->print(F("{"event":"version", "name":""+String(BUILDNAME)+
C:\Users\elieser.leao\Documents\Arduino\hardware\CANBus-Triple\avr\cores\arduino/WString.h:38:74: error: array must be initialized with a brace-enclosed initializer
#define F(string_literal) (reinterpret_cast<const __FlashStringHelper *>(PSTR(string_literal)))
SerialCommand.h:461:23: note: in expansion of macro 'F'
activeSerial->print(F("{"event":"version", "name":""+String(BUILDNAME)+
Error compiling.

How to solve?


Actually I found a solution that worked for me.

I changed the code from:

<pre><code> activeSerial->print(F("{"event":"version", "name":""+String(BUILDNAME)+
"", "version":""+String(BUILD_VERSION)+
"", "memory":""));</code></pre>


<pre><code> activeSerial->print(F("{"event":"version", "name":""));
activeSerial->print(F("", "version":""));
activeSerial->print(F("", "memory":""));</code></pre>

Good you found a solution but it shouldn't be necessary to alter the code. What I did: download the Github programm from GitHub and cloned the program to my computer. It has to be in the document/arguino/hardware folder. Select the CanbusTriple from the boards list and the CanbusTriple sketch from the above folder.

Compile and upload to CanbusTriple. That worked for me.

I also do have a compile error while trying the Arduino IDE (1.6) method, but not the same:

src\CANBus.cpp.o: In function CANBus::CANBus(int, int, unsigned int, String)': C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\CANBus-Triple-master\avr\libraries\SPI/SPI.h:217: multiple definition ofCANBus::CANBus(int, int, unsigned int, String)'
CANBus\CANBus.cpp.o:C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\CANBus-Triple-master\avr\libraries\CANBus\src/CANBus.cpp:14: first defined here

I guess the CLONE method, uses another source...

Updates to the github repository do not automatically create new distribution archives.
Thus, those may be out-of-date

ok. How do I get the last stable version ?
I tried the XLoader to manager the .hex files, with no luck.
The Avrdude procedure seems complicated.
I can manage Arduino IDE, if I can get the last distribution archive.

Hi Folks,
I finally get a Done Compiling message in Arduino IDE.
Sorry bothering you.


Ah! Good news! No bother, that is what the forum is for.

After downloading the latest build today, getting this error when try to compile.

In file included from CANBusTriple.ino:30:0:
AutoBaud.h: In static member function 'static int AutoBaud::baudDetect(byte, Stream*)':
AutoBaud.h:66:28: error: 'MERRF' was not declared in this scope
byte merrf = canintf & MERRF;

@KidTurbo‌ - you need to grab the CanBus library that came with the latest build and update the library files in your Arduino working folder.

Yeah that did it. Downloaded everything as zip and replaced all library files. All is well.
Sorry guys, not used to whole git thing.... Wanta wirelessly link your car to a network on the other side of the globe, I'm your guy... lol

Hi Guys,

I got this error when verifying the CANBUS Triple scketch:

Arduino: 1.6.5 (Windows 8.1), Board: "Arduino Leonardo"

CANBusTriple.ino:11:20: fatal error: CANBus.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
Error compiling.

This report would have more information with
"Show verbose output during compilation"
enabled in File > Preferences.

Please help,

Ok, I found the instruction from this link for Arduino: 1.6.5:

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