Developing a CAN design these days should consider an upgrade to CAN FD. CAN FD is in discussion since two years and I expect first cars using it in late 2015. Hopefully Microchip or Bosch will offer an SPI connected CAN controller supporting CAN FD. I'm not sure if SPI is a good solution handling the larger amount of data. Any thoughts on this topic?

IIRC, CAN-FD is going to be an optional component of ISO 11898-1 (since bandwith exhaustion is still only a limited issue). Given that, focus should remain on the current standard, with potentially community-driven development for optional support for -FD.


Sorry for the delay guys I'm slammed trying to get the CBT units out.

Definitely something to consider for future versions.

Automotive experts are working hard to establish CAN FD in cars. General Motors, Daimler, VW and more. We had a CAN FD Plugfest in October last year were all main micro controller manufacturers took part.
There will be one 2015-03-24 Warren (US)

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