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My latest findings:

  • Only baudrate 500 on canbus 1 works for me on the ODBII port. I tried baudrates 250 and 125 by hardcoding it in the software but when I use 250 or 125 I see no data whatsoever.
  • I always see a set of 29 message ID’s, it is the exact same set of ID’s when logging in four different scenario’s:
  • only contact on
  • contact on and pushing buttons (windows, radio, climate, mirrors -tried almost all-)
  • engine running
  • while driving and pushing buttons
  • I think I am only seeing data on the High Speed CAN for two reasons: the baudrate of highspeed CAN is 500 and I don’t see any new message ID’s appearing when pressing buttons. All the comfort stuff is on the low speed bus.
    It is probably time now to figure out how to wire the CBT to both the high and low speed CAN. What I want is to find are messages related to low speed connected things like windows and mirrors. Any ideas to help me find the interesting messages are still welcome...

@henk_kuipers‌ i have the same Problem. You have to figure out the correct baud rate for your low speed can. Today i will give ist a try and set my can 2 to the most common baud rates and look for data.

@<a href="http://forum.canb.us/profile/19/ichraffsnicht">ichraffsnicht</a> I have reason to believe I need to connect pin 3 and 11 voor Low Speed CAN, perhaps a Volvo thing. I tried to solder the wires on the ODBII plug tonight but this appears to be very challenging for me with pins dropping out and wires snapping off all the time >:P To be continued...

You need to have 3 hands :D

My low speed can is in on pin 1/9.(Fiat Grande Punto)

I also solder a New cable in the obd connector. The original cable is not flexible enoth to solder it as a beginner and in my case when i open the obd connector, 2 wires by moving it ;)

Nice starting place for Volvo is<a href="http://www.svxc.se/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=23011"> here</a>. It is mostly in Swedish and partly in English but isn't to difficult to figure out with google translate. <blockquote></blockquote>

Hi <a href="http://forum.canb.us/profile/519/HYTPUSSR">HYTPUSSR</a>, thank you. I also found that thread and read almost all of it, I can actually read Swedish reasonbly well :-) I know for sure now that pin 11 and 3 are Low Speed Canbus on my car's OBD port, it's in the wiring diagram I downloaded.

I am trying to add low speed can to the already hig speed can logging using OBD. So, I wired:
OBD pin 3 to the yellow CBT wire
OBD pin 11 to the blue CBT wire
I left following wires as they were originally:
OBD pin 14 to the CBT green wire
OBD pin 6 to the CBT red wire
OBD pin 16 to the CBT black wire
OBD pin 4/5 to the white CBT wire
I was thinking that this would connect the Low Speed Canbus to the CBT. However, this wiring blew up two fuses , generated an airbag maintance warning, reset the clock and triggered the alarm! Perhaps my soldering was too messy, it may have caused a shortcircuit because not very well done. But before I try anything again I would like to verify:
=> Should I connect the yellow CBT wire to OBD 3 and the blue CBT wire to pin 3???
This is the wiring diagram of my car where you can see the canbus pinout of the OBD connector:

So, without connecting the yellow and blue wire (the original wiring of the CBT-OBD cable) I can log High Speed canbus data at baudrate 500. I also know that the baudrate of my Low Speed canbus is 250, I just need to get this wiring problem solved.... Any helpful ideas?

@henk_kuipers‌ . I would first check the wires you soldered with a multimeter, just to be sure your cable is okay. Looking at your wiring diagram OBD pin 3 is indeed the high (=yellow =pin 5 CBT) and OBD pin 11 the low (= blue = pin 6 CBT) CANbus. Should work like this.


@henk_kuipers‌ Just looking at your wiring specs it should work. Double check you connections. I'm running the same setup in my vehicle without issue.

You probably just caused some errors on the bus which caused all that stuff to happen. I've done the same thing a couple of times in the past when developing the PCB. You can clear the codes in your ECU and you should be good.

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