i tried to use the mazda hex and couldnt get any info show on teh diplay as soon as i flash the CANBusTriple.cpp.hex all my stock information begins to display again. i have a aftermarket headunit if that makes a difference,

i snipped the MS CAN line and wired can 1 to one side and can 3 to the other side then can2 is wired to the HS can and the arrows and back buttons wired to analong 0 and 1. but now i have another issue. my traction control light comes on when just idling and goes away when i drive could this cause that issue?

I see you've cut the wires and connected the CBT in between. Do you still send the info from can 1 through to can 2 or not?

was i not suppose to do that? idk how to send info.


Well I've already written the code you need to use. Out of the box the CBT does not run the Mazda specific firmware, it uses a generic firmware.

Have you downloaded the code from Github and setup Arduino? You'll need to do that, then you can flash the CANBusTriple_Mazda sketch to your CBT. That will echo code between CAN1 and CAN3. See here for Arduino setup:

Then in Arduino open File > Sketchbook > hardware > CANBus-Triple > avr > CANBusTriple_Mazda and flash/upload.

Also seeing as you cut your CAN bus you need to enable the termination resistors on the CBT. Remove the Neoprene plug on the bottom and you will find three solder jumpers on the top of the PCB near the main header through holes. Jump the CAN1 and CAN3 jumpers with some solder so that your bus is properly terminated on both ends.

i have tried to flash CANBusTriple_Mazda and i also did jumper the terminating resistors. nothing shows up on the screen not even my mpgs its just blank.

The updated mazda3 hex works perfect now. But now ibwas to change what pids display how do i do that?


In the app, go to sensors and you can write Xgauge formatted codes to read PIDs and they will be displayed on the mazda display

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