Hi, I'm a designer with a little bit technical background.

I'm trying to send command over CoolTerm on mac. CANBus Triple is connected to the OBDII of my car and the USB port connected to my mac.

What do I suppose to send?

I tried "0x01", "0x0101","0x011001" no one works. The terminal doesn't print out any information.

What make up a command? How do I use <a href="http://docs.canb.us/firmware/api.html">http://docs.canb.us/firmware/api.html</a> to create a command?

Please help!

Thanks a lot!

I think you send it as ASCII. You must send it as HEX without the 0x in Front.

thank you ichraffsnicht! Now I'm able to send command!

However, I have another question.

Is there any way to understand the data? When I send command to "Dump eeprom value"(not sure what it means exactly), I got a bunch of Hex data. Are they the current data running through CanBus? How do I make sense of them?

Have you read this: https://www.canb.us/getting-started

These part:
Send 0x0101 to get general device information.
Send 0x011001 to get CAN Bus 1 information.
Send 0x011002 to get CAN Bus 2 information.
Send 0x011003 to get CAN Bus 3 information.

The eeprom is the memory, where the Programm is stored.

Hey Yishi, and anyone else this can help ;)

I am going to make the assumption you just got your CBT and you are wanting to hook it up to the OBD port of your car and read out all the data that is flying around on that CAN bus.

<b>My recommendations:</b>

  1. Connect the CBT with the OBD cable you got.
  2. Issue the "01 10 01" command. This will print out the status of Ch1
    You should see "0" errors. However you will likely see errors "b".
    This means there was a baud rate error.
  3. If you get the baud rate error, go and edit the code where it says "CANBus1.baudConfig(cbt_settings.busCfg[0].baud);" to be "CANBus1.baudConfig(500);" or what ever your baud rate is. Note this value is in kbps i.e. 500 means 500 kbit/sec
    *Note I think if you go and pull the latest code from git, Derek has got auto baud rate detection working.
  4. While you are in the code editing things you may want to turn on JSON formatting. This is done by removing the comment on this line "#define JSON_OUT" in the code
  5. Recompile and upload the FW to your CBT
  6. Now turn on logging on the channel you are interested in. ex ch1. 03 01 01 0000 0000
  7. Now sit back and admire all the data on the bus and start to try to figure out what it all means :)

Just to update the instructions listed by @TheDigital_1‌ to use the Auto-Baud Detection function in Derek's latest firmware:

  1. Download the latest code from Github.

  2. Compile & load the code onto your CBT.

  3. Issue the command "01 10 01". If you get an error in the Baud rate, use "01 08 01" to run the auto-baud setup program.

  4. Once the auto-baud program finishes, you'll need to restart your CBT (reset button or power cycle).

  5. Re-test the status "01 10 01". You should have no errors now.

  6. Enable logging and proceed.

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