I want to use my CBT on my AEM Infinity stand alone ECU. However I want to print the data to an OLED screen and or have a mode switch and just light up some number segments.

I am a super noob, I have been playing with an arduino for about a month now, but nothing major yet.

There are plenty of display libraries for Arduino that will help you with this.

Jump onto the SparkFun website, search for Arduino displays and take a look. Most of the displays have associated sample code and arduino libraries to suit.

The main issue is what pins are still available. to run a TFT display I will need Arduino Uno pins 8, 9, 10, 11, 13.


You've got 4 analog capable pins going to the harness and D6 and one other digital pin that escapes me at the moment. So you should have enough.

D10 is the other digital pin.

Where do you see D10?

On the board I see


D10 is on the 16-pin teeny tiny set of headers, opposite where D6 is set out. It's not marked as clearly as D6 but it's there on the wiring diagrams.


Yeah it's there as a slave select for (possible) expansion boards

What part of the board. I might be super blind. But the only holes I see don't look like you can solder them.

<img src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/uploads.hipchat.com/17476/678926/yKnU3nH5XXPPJKN/upload.jpg" />

Bottom left edge of the board where it says "2x9-1.27mm".

It's a 18 pin header sorry, not 16 as I first suggested.

Double check against the pin diagrams but from memory D10 is right hand column fourth row from bottom in your pic.

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