Hey all!

I'll start posting updates and images from the production process here. In the meantime, here are the prototype Aluminum Anodized cases I made. :)

I'm working with the production vendors to match the color as closely as possible and make them even better.

<img src="" />

It looks amazing. Can't wait for it :D

I'm a little late to the party, but is there any word as to when more will be available to order? Want to get on this as soon as i can :)


As soon as all the Kickstarter backers units are shipped we will have more for sale immediately. Stay tuned to the forum or sign up for the mailing list at

Any update when the kickstarter units are shipped? I cant wait :D

This looks much better then I would have expected. I only hope we/I can put a real use to it and advance the community with things that we all learn.

My hope was Xmas. Now I will be happy to get one as early as possible Cn you explain what 'soon' means in units engineers can measure.


Well, I really <i>want</i> to say shipping will start this week. But I have to add some time for QA. I'm going to try to start sending everything out this week, but realistically it will probably be early next week.

I have to QA and flash the MCU and Bluetooth LE module, run self test code etc.

How long could be the time until the CBT is delivered to Germany and other european countries. Do you have eny experience?



A lot of beta units went overseas without any issues, but I'm not sure how long they took to arrive. Once we finish loading everything into the UPS system I'll see if it gives me an estimate and report back.

Can we get an update on what backer number you are on for shipment?


So far 250 have gone out, I had a little delay on the fasteners due to that storm on the east coast. They will be in today so the remaining packages will go out soon. All the PCBAs are QA'd and ready to go!

Hello, is there any possibility to order any CAN bus triple units? I currently am a member of the UoP (stands for the 'University of Patras') Racing Team that participates in FSAE / Formula Student competitions and we would like to experiment a little around the CAN bus on our vehicle! This platform looks like the ideal tool to discover and modify CAN bus!


So all the devices have been shipped out to kickstarter backers! (yay)

I have to finish up the app, clean up some more of the Arduino coed (in progress) and finish up all of the docs. Thanks for being patient while I work through all the software stuff.

@tasos_UoPRacing_Team We have additional units for sale, just need to finish up the stores. Cleaning up the arduino code is taking precedence at the moment but they will be ready asap.

@Derek‌ thanks a lot for your quick update, please notify me when units are ready for sale again!
keep up the good work

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