What's Possible with CBT - An Example

As a bit of inspiration to anyone who's not sure what their CBT is capable of, here's a very brief teaser with an example of what you can build with your little orange box.


To drive the display in the video we have a CBT connected to 2 CAN Buses, with data being parsed in real-time across both buses by the CBT itself before being handed off to another chipset to be processed and displayed.

Everything that causes inputs on the display - from the vehicle data to the steering wheel buttons and door open messages - comes from the CBT. For example, the method we used to capture the steering wheel buttons on the CBT for this little demo is exactly as documented on this forum.

Ooops! :(

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I guess nothing is possible with the CBT then...

Updated YouTube link for better luck 2nd time.

That's pretty cool. Your progressing nicely.

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