Would triplecan be capable of bridging can-data through to the BT module and back?

In my case its not ment for dumping the whole can-data of a car, but for steering a robotics plattform (prototype) with an android app.
The virtual joystick uses can-data bytes and there are some for buttons (standart 11 bit can frame).
In the other direction from the plattform to the android device is an angle value sent (relative value in relation to the road) and if states invoked by the buttons, are active.
Right now i use a can to bt bridge device which is a bit overpriced...

Triplecan is declared as an general purpose Can swiss army knife so i hope it could also handle this and maybe other future projects :)


Yep! The MCU talks to the Bluetooth LE module over UART. You would just connect to the CBT over BT LE and write a command (0x03 in the case to send a packet) to the Serial BT LE attribute. This will go over UART to the MCU and the MCU will then dispatch it over the specified CAN bus. You could probably get it working without any modification the the base firmware.

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