So far i can connect and send commands via USB Serial(using Firmware 4.4 ), but i cant establish an working CAN connection.
I´m using a Peak Can usb dongle mainly to test the CBT device and also an Joystick with Can capabilities (wich sends constantly data on a specific speed).
Monitoring the Joystick with the PCan Dongle works. With the dongle i can also send data.

However as soon as i use the CBT with one of those two devices, CBT shows error messages on the Bus and PCan puts out "BUSS Heavy" error messages if i send something via PCAN.

Auto Baud rate detection doesnt really work (mostly gets nothing and sometimes a random rate). Manually setting the rate doesnt help either.

Below is a Pic of the wiring (testet Can Bus1 and Bus2). Used USB Powering and also testet with 12V.

<a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt="IMG 20150519 125518" /></a>

Some of the Bus status messages i get are...

"event":"busdbg","name":"Bus 2","canctrl":"4","status":"0","error":"40","errorText":"Receive Buffer 0 Overflow, ","nextTxBuffer":"0"}
{"event":"busdbg","name":"Bus 2","canctrl":"4","status":"0","error":"4B","errorText":"Receive Error Warning - TEC or REC >= 96, Receive Error Warning - REC >= 96, Receive Error Warning - REC >= 128, Receive Buffer 0 Overflow, ","nextTxBuffer":"0"}