Power consumption oft the cbt and the i/o

Hi Derek.

How Much power consumpts the CBT?

How high is the voltage oft the digital i/o and the range oft the analog i/o?

Need a little More information.

Per Dereks updates, the CanBUS triple will consume about 2.5 mA and about 55mA under normal operation.

Regarding the voltages, Derek will need to answer that. Alternatively, look at the design files, find the chips, and go look at the secs of the chips he's used.


ph1g got it! Sorry for the delay guys I'm slammed trying to get the CBT units out!

Logic levels are +5vdc on the MCU (Atmega 32u4) and +3.3vdc on the Bluegiga BLE112 module. They have logic level shifting between them where required. 3.3v is enough to signal logic level high from the BT to the MCU.

I measure about 62mA on the 5V line (5.073V) for a total of about 315mW. I've modified my unit with 1K LED resistors in place of the 10K factory values for slightly more visible LEDs, so my current is probably a few mA higher.

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