CBT on 83.3kbps can bus speed

I need help with my CBT, in Citroen C4 Picasso 2011 im able to connect CBT on ODB2 CAN-h and CAN-L and sniff all message, but i need to sniff packet for CAN BUS termination on my RD4.
CBT listen on bus at 83kbps but this bus work at 83.3 and im not able to sniff any packet on.
Sorry for my bad english.

good product but no support is useless


Yeah, right now the rate config cannot use floats so it can't use 83.3.

You can rebuild the firmware with a modified CANbus.cpp, search it for OLD_BAUD where the config registers are hard coded.


Hey @linuxmafia‌, I just pushed an update to the repo on Github. It's version 0.4.6 and will use hard coded config values to set a bus to 83.333 kbps.

Can you try it out and report back? Download the repo and flash with arduino, then use the serial api to set the speed:
0x01 0x09 0x01 0x53 (For bus 1)

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