Today, I am unable to get data to the canbus triple, so I took a look in the connector that fits into the odb port.

This is what I found:

Pin 6 - red wire
Pin 14 - green wire
pins 4 and 5 - white wire
Pin 16 - back

There is a blue wire but it is not connected to anything. Can someone verify this is the way the corrector should be wired?

Thanks much!


What kind of car? There is no set standard on OBD2 pinouts across manufacturers.

I am working with a 2002 corvette and a Buick 2011 enclave. After looking at pin outs, I think the cable is correct. Must be another issue somewhere. I will keep changing/checking things until it works. :)

Does the 2002 Corvette even have CANBus? I didn't think the General did that until 2005-6 in the earliest ECUs. You should have no issue with the Enclave, try sniffing on pair 6:14 and IIRC that should be a 500k bus.

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