I recently started looking for can bus hardware and am glad I found the cbt.
Ordered one, got it super fast.
I just started playing with it.
I can see activity on can bus 1 at 500K speed using the alpha 0.2.6-1 app
<img src="http://s5.postimg.org/b4rvy4xlz/screenshot_2015_07_08_12_26.png" />
I wonder what the 2 red dots with errors mean on bus1

I try to capture with wireshark on a laptop with debian linux using the pipe feature.
<img src="http://s5.postimg.org/dief2w1ev/screenshot_2015_07_08_12_34.png" />
I add the /tmp/cbtbus1 pipe interface, hit save and close
It is added to the list of interfaces and already selected (only one)
<img src="http://s5.postimg.org/wv5b95r1j/screenshot_2015_07_08_12_38.png" />
I hit start. I see packets coming in (but not being displayed in the field that shows data in the example howto ) and than wireshark barfs.
I have no opportunity to save anything.
I am using the stable wireshark from debian: 1.12.6

When I start wireshark from a xterm, I see this when it barfs:

(wireshark:4868): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_window_set_transient_for: assertion 'GTK_IS_WINDOW (window)' failed
Warn Error "Less data was read than was expected" while reading: "" ("/tmp/wireshark_pcapng_cbtbus1_20150706205032_ySueVr")
*** Error in `wireshark': free(): invalid pointer: 0x00007fabb9fab760 ***

Should I tell wireshark somehow, what kind of data to expect ?
Is it expecting ethernet frames instead of canbus and therefore quitting ?


Hrmmm, It should detect SocketCAN packets coming in. What version of Wireshark are you running? I'll test it in a VM.

A bit late to the party but i had a similar issue with Wireshark crashing when i first used the CBT (before the awesome app was released and setting it up manually), I found that if you select the /tmp/cbtbus1 interface on its own it crashes, i also selected an interface (ideally with no traffic) which seemed to solve the problem. So i had the cbt interface and just the LAN interface

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