What is the default wiring the OBDii plug comes setup as? I can see the Pin 6 trace on the board goes to red, but the green wire trace I can't see, I imagine it is on the back of the board. Is it on Pin 14 already? I don't have the board in front of me, but I recall the White wire going to pins 4+5 (GND), can't see the black wire trace, does it go to pin 16?

When I plug the OBDii into my car, it freaks out and I get all sorts of error messages on the Driver's Information Center screen (2008 Pontiac G8 GT). Just need to make sure everything is wired correctly. Error message go away if I disconnect the cable and restart the car.

For reference the G8 OBDii connector is pinned as follows:

Pin 1 - Low Speed LAN (Not planning on monitoring for now)
2+3 - Not used
4+5 - GND
6 - High Speed LAN +
7-13 - Not used
14 - High Speed LAN -
15 - Not Used
16 - Batt Pos. Voltage.

https://www.canb.us/tutorials/Second bus with OBDII cable

Based on Gary's reply to <a href="https://plus.google.com/103292489750574578730/posts/c3kR5GBVFCc">this Google+ post</a>, it looks like the default pins are the High Speed Bus on pins 6/14 on the OBDII connector.

@Jsn95 After taking apart the cable I can confirm your assumptions: the green wire does in fact go to Pin 14 and the black goes to Pin 16. (following the trace on the back)

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