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With a ELM327 you can make polling CAN devices, if you know ID.
See AT command in ELM327 manual, how to work with CAN BUS. I dont remember all commands, but I polled the CAN devices according to OBD.

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Hi, in my Skoda Octavia OBD-connector connected to gateway and I cant sniff CAN BUS with OBD II, so I connected to CAN BUS in door.
But now, when I know CAN IDs, I can send CAN commands and receive answers with OBD II. СAN BUS Data is transmitted to OBD II only on request.

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Hi guys! In the past three years as a hobby I'm trying to identify the codes of devices and their meanings.
My car: Skoda Octavia II FL 2011 with VAG CAN BUS.
I made a shield for the Raspberry Pi according to the scheme
<img src="" />

I connected to the CAN BUS at door. I think this line is connected only to the comfort bus (may be I'm wrong):
<img src="" />

To communicate with CAN BUS I use <a href="">can-utils</a>.
All perfectly work, I can control my windows with commands such as:
cansend can0 181#0200 // Open the driver window fully
cansend can0 181#0800 // Close the driver window fully

For OSX and iOS I wrote a app that displays a data in real time for devices in the individual cells:
<img src="" />

Using this app, I found some CAN devices:
181 - Control/Read status of Windows
381 - Read status of front left Door (open/close)
470 - Read status of front right Door (open/close)
291 - Read status of back right&left Doors (open/close)
531 - Control/Read status of Lights&Winking
5D1 - Read status of Windshield
591 - Read status of CentralLock
67A - Reverse gear engaged

Many IDs I can't define, If someone can help with finding IDs, I'll be glad!
I wan't to found a speed, rpm, distance, parking distance, fuel consumption
and other IDs.

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