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Trying to work with some low speed GMLAN (33.3k, 29-bit) data here...

Apologizing ahead of time for the dumb question, kind of an Arduino noob...where exactly do I add this?

case 33:
// Serial.println("Speed 33kbps");

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Hi, had a quick question about a project Im working on...

Basically, Im using the "middleware" so the CBT acts as a gateway between high speed 11-bit 500k CAN bus #1 and 11-bit 500k high speed CAN bus #3

Im having the CBT modify some packets, etc. Works perfectly!!

But now I want to take the currently unused CAN bus #2 channel on the CBT and then use it for low-speed single-wire CAN interfacing, specifically low speed GMLAN, which is 29-bit, 33.33k bitrate.

I just want to do some separate/isolated stuff on the 29-bit low speed bus, while high speed 11-bit CAN#1 and CAN#2 mirroring putters along in the background.

I dont need to receive or monitor anything on the low-speed 29-bit bus, and I dont need to log/display low-speed CAN traffic to the serial monitor/PC terminal. I just need to send a few simple commands.

Any reason the CBT couldnt be configured like that? I assume the processor is fast enough to do all of that? I have all serial-output stuff turned off because I dont need to log anything with my computer, and I figured that would speed things up a bit and lighten processor load...

Thoughts, ideas?


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Im looking for 0.4.6 and 0.4.4 too, if anyone has them...

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firmware 0.6.0 is broken for me too. Using with high speed GMLAN (500k) on late model GM truck/SUV bus. Doesnt log or anything. I might get a split second log of a couple frames when I select "auto detect bitrate", but otherwise it doesnt log. If I set it manually to 500k, it doesnt log either.

I couldnt find 0.4.6 anywhere, so Im back on 0.4.0.

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No that is incorrect. The older databus is <b>not </b>GMLAN. Its not even any sort of CAN.

Its J1850 variable-pulse-width and called "Class 2" bus. It is in no way compatible with the CANbus triple, or any CAN-related hardware. You need a specific transceiver chip that is designed for J1850 VPW. The ELM327 will work fine....they're about $15 on ebay.

The GM trucks/SUV's went to CAN (high speed GMLAN, 2-wire) in 2006 on the Duramax diesel trucks only. And that CAN was ONLY FOR POWERTRAIN. The rest of the body/chassis/4wd/ABS was still the old Class 2 bus. GMLAN on the 2006-2007 Duramax trucks was only for ECM-TCM-GPCM (glow plug control module) communication, and for scan tool communication. The ECM acted as the gateway between GMLAN and Class 2, because the instrument cluster and all that only speaks Class 2.

The 2006-2007 non-Duramax pickup trucks were still Class 2 CAN/GMLAN anywhere. (unless it was one of those rare 04-06 hybrid trucks, those had CAN/GMLAN, but thats beside the point).

With the redesign of the GM trucks and SUV's in 2007.5 (for the trucks, SUV's got redesign in 2007), they went "full GMLAN" and no more Class 2 was used. On 2007/2007.5-2013/14 GMT-900, low speed GMLAN (33.3k single-wire CAN) was used for body/interior, and 2-wire high-speed GMLAN/CAN was used for powertrain/chassis.

<b>So you CANNOT just make a blanket statement like "GM went to CAN/GMLAN in xxxx year"</b>......because there was a large transitional/crossover period. Some cars went full GMLAN and eliminated Class 2 completely as early as 2004. Some GMLAN vehicles were "partial" GMLAN (CAN for powertrain only, but kept Class 2 for body/interior) as late as 2012!! The Colorado pickup truck I think was the last GM vehicle to use Class 2 for body/chassis....but the Colorado went GMLAN/CAN for powertrain in 2007 or 2008 I think........because OBD/EPA standards dictated that all vehicles had to be CAN (for engine/powertrain, EPA doesnt care what car mfg's use for body/interior/chassis) for the 2008 model year.

Clear as mud?


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The older trucks arent CAN....they're Class 2 (J1850 VPW) the CANbus triple wont even work on your truck.

You'll need an ELM-327 tool to play around with the Class 2 bus on older GM vehicles.

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