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Connecting to OBD2 port, car is a NISSAN Qasquai 2007, canbus 11bit. Using 0.4.6 it perfectly works, problem only with 0.5.0 and 0.6.0

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Thank you for infos.
I installed 1.6.0 and the result is the same as 1.6.5: I compile and upload CBT 0.6.0 to the device, but no packets at all; 0.5.0 instead works using arduino 1.6.0 and arduino 1.6.5 both, even if I receive a lot of buffer overflow, while 0.4.6 works perfeclty.

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I just compiled and uploaded the last firmware (with bus masked filter command 0x03 0x01 0x02 ....), but it seems not working well. System info and EEPROM commands work (0x01), but no packets, buffer overflow errors, no filters, etc.
Does anybody used it successfully ?
Which are the libraries that must be compiled ? I used these "CANBus, EEPROM, QueueArray, SoftwareSerial, SPI, Wire", is it correct?

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