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you can also filter duplicates in excel ;-) im logging also in json and fliter in excel

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Have you read this:

These part:
Send 0x0101 to get general device information.
Send 0x011001 to get CAN Bus 1 information.
Send 0x011002 to get CAN Bus 2 information.
Send 0x011003 to get CAN Bus 3 information.

The eeprom is the memory, where the Programm is stored.

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I think you send it as ASCII. You must send it as HEX without the 0x in Front.

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You need to have 3 hands :D

My low speed can is in on pin 1/9.(Fiat Grande Punto)

I also solder a New cable in the obd connector. The original cable is not flexible enoth to solder it as a beginner and in my case when i open the obd connector, 2 wires by moving it ;)

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@henk_kuipers‌ i have the same Problem. You have to figure out the correct baud rate for your low speed can. Today i will give ist a try and set my can 2 to the most common baud rates and look for data.

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My progress:

  • resoldered the obd connector to work with my 2 can buses

-figured out that i have no idea busspeed i need for the low speed can and that i need 500kbps in the high speed can

  • logged some data in the HS-Can.

-forked the github project and added my code

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I think the Problem is that BT is not fully integrated at this time.

Derek is working on it.