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I am working on a project using a VW Golf Mk V, getting the CAN Bus data directly from the OBD-2 port as the VW is wired that way. I loaded up the base firmware sketch as instructed by the new "Main Firmware" page in the docs. Loading the code went well after some messing around with libraries and adding the pin assignments, but then I ran quickly into issues. When running the sketch, the CBT powers up, flashes the LEDs for about ten seconds or so and then everything goes dark. This seems okay, given that there is some sort of sleep mode referenced in the docs. The big problem is that when the CBT goes into this sleep mode, it can't be programmed and does not seem to receive or process any of the CAN Bus traffic. If anyone has any ideas on how to get the base firmware up and running, returning <i>anything</i> , that would be great.

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