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@Jsn95 After taking apart the cable I can confirm your assumptions: the green wire does in fact go to Pin 14 and the black goes to Pin 16. (following the trace on the back)

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Anybody know what the diameter of the wires on the extra connector that comes with the CBT? I can't seem to find it specified anywhere.


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After going over the service manual I realized the messages I'm interested are actually on a completely different bus called the CGI bus and it's not available through the OBD II port. I'm going to try removing my control panel and getting to it that way - just waiting for the connector and terminals to get here in the mail.

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Hi, just got my CBT and have been learning quickly about Can and GMLAN. From what I've been able to glean it looks like my car model has a High Speed 2 wire Can Bus on pin 6 and 14 of the DLC and a single wire Low Speed Can on Pin 1.

The messages I'm primarily interested in are things like windows and radio controls which I believe are sent on the low speed Can Bus. Can I wire one of the buses to just Pin 1 or am I SOL?

Thanks a lot for any knowledge!

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