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sweet, thanx

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I am trying to put a 2009 MyGig into my 1999 Ram. I am planning on using the CBT to send CAN packets to turn on the stereo. I have the CBT talking to the computer. The question is where to place the resistors? Can I just use the termination points on the CBT for the entire CANbus? Or to I need to splice two 120 ohm resistors between the CAN+ and the CAN-?

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I am Kyle and I just got my CBT. Don't have a lot of programming experiene but I am learning about programing so I can write my own tunes. With the CANbus taking over, I thought the CBT would be a good way to learn.

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Has anyone tried using this with the Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep CAN-B yet? Looking to use it to control the MyGig stereo.

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