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Hey @jamesatfish check the <a href=""><b><i><u>Goggle+ page</u></i></b></a> again, I posted the corrected pinout colors

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@jamesatfish‌ Check out the image I just posted on the <a href=""><u><i><b><i><i><b><i>Google+ page</i></b></i></i></b></i></u></a>, hope that answers your questions.

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@mchollett‌ Have you downloaded the Arduino software? I followed <a href=""><u><b>this</b></u></a> and was able to flash the sketches to the CBT

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:-@ No @Derek‌ we want it <b><u>NOW!!</u></b> ... ^:)^ JK, I'm sure you've been swamped with all the work, I wish there was a way we could help :/ Actually there might be a few ways...

  1. I have access to 3D printers that can print ABS, PLA, NinjaFlex, and several other materials. So if there's anything you ever wanted to prototype, please, let me know. I work in Creo so I'd prefer .prt files, but I can open .stp and convert them for the printer.

  2. I was reading through your mazdaspeed forum threads and the <a href=""><b><u>Programming page</u></b></a> last night and after a little trial and error I was able to add the QueueArray and CANBus libraries and successfully flash the CANBusTriple_Mazda.ino! :D So I was thinking about doing either a video or a How-To guide with screenshots & pictures.

  3. I was planning on hardwiring it in this weekend, I'd be happy to make a how-to video. I have the manuals and know how to remove all the dash components, but is everything I need to know regarding the wiring on the <a href=""><b><u>Diagrams page</u></b></a>? P.S. there was no 120Ω resistor in the packaging, is that still needed for the LSC?
    3.a) I have a few more questions about the wiring and stuff but I'm not going to post them all here, I'll shoot you a message on Kickstarter later tonight.

I wish there was a way to toast/thank on this forum :/

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Disregard the no wiring diagram comment, I somehow missed the <a href=""><b><u>"Diagrams"</u></b></a> tab last night...

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Got my CBT and I'm super excited to get started! Only thing is the <a href=""><u><b>Getting Started Link</b></u></a> doesn't work :-S It takes you to the main CBT page

None of the App download links are setup on the <a href=""><u><b>CBT Download Page</b></u></a>

I've downloaded all the zip files from <a href=""><b><u>GitHub</u></b></a> (including the Google Chrome Ext), and not a single one has instructions on how to install any of the apps

When I plug the CBT into my computer (Mac Mini running OS X 10.10.2), the keyboard assistant is launched the first time and nothing happens the second time. Also, nothing happens in the CBT Chrome Ext when it's plugged in.

I also haven't been able to find a wiring diagram of any sorts on how to hardwire it into the harness :/

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