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I think connector on the canbus triple end FC-12P limits the range of wires that can be used there.
i personaly use old IDE ATA computer cables that was used to connect hard disk or floppy disk drive with motherboard (it has conectors FC-40P. FC-34P) spliting them and puting on FC-12P connector end bought from ebay .
It is far from nice colorful stock cable that comes with canbus tripple but i coudn't find where to buy such.

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I am also wery interesting to know answer to redheadedrod's question he repetedly asked how to wire single wire GMLAN to canbus tripple pinout that expects two line CAN wiring.
When i searched i found in other forums where someone wrote this
"When I did my analysis I was using a two-wire CAN adapter (remember GMLAN is single wire CAN) and tied the CAN_LO line to chassis ground. This worked well enough to capture the data, but I did get a lot of error frames on the bus while connected. " << >>
Is it the best and only way to do this ?
Thank you for answers

Separatly thanks to ghodge for speed config.

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