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Is the old version available somewhere? Seems like the wireshark packet pipe is broken in the current version (tried in Windows and OSX). If I click the button, the program locks up.

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I think the OBDII port's can wires on VAG cars is connected to the gateway, which probably wants to see some sort of diagnostic commands. Try tapping into one of the main can wires.

And I agree, the device is pretty cool, but you're basically on your own after purchasing. Wish they got BT LE functional before abandoning support.

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Just tried a different cable and that seems to have done the trick, thanks

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Is bluetooth LE functional in the new app? I'm only able to get USB to work for OSX and Windows (and this laptop is definitely bluetooth LE capable). Haven't tried linux yet

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The packet logger and pipe work great so far. The app did seem to stall when I tried updating the firmware with it; compiling and uploading the arduino source of course works fine though.

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Wireshark works great with the new alpha app. Not sure what I was doing wrong before, but guess that doesn't matter now

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I'm having some trouble capturing the data via WireShark. I followed the instructions as noted (except using /dev/cu.usbmodem1411 instead of 1421), and wireshark seems to connect (node does say "Client connected to /tmp/cbtbus1"). But it doesn't capture any packets.

If I connect with coolterm, I definitely get CAN packets. I do have JSON disabled. Not sure what to check at this point

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