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I had this exact problem on my 03 plate CL55. Radio works and even some window controls but lights, door locks, other interior buttons etc, no luck. It might have something to do with the part of the convenience bus you are connected to, are you able to try CAN cables in a different location? I never did figure it out but I was planning to give it another decent attempt when I change my car later this year. Part of me thought it could be that you need to read 29-bit CAN messages.

Derek mentioned to me once that; the messages you see may be the understood/response message and not actually the message sent to trigger the action, you may not see the original message on the CAN you are connected to. Let me know if you make any progress!

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How did you know that you need 29-bit IDs?

I only ask because I can't figure it out. I had 29-bit IDs working but not without throwing errors on my dashboard first only to find out that I didn't need to use 29-bit IDs, switched back to 11-bit and now I think I'm having trouble getting my OEM display to change text and think its because I need to go back to 29-bit.

Compiling the 29-bit version that is on github isn't too time consuming, download the Arduino IDE, plug the device into your machine and build the source code. It isn't too bad and as long as you don't need 83.3kbps, it should work right away.

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Why are you using 08 as the second octave? Try 010102

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I was wondering the same thing. Anyone had any luck with this? The application (albeit in its alpha state) is really handy for looking for changes in the payload however, I can only see the last 15 lines (IDs above 390) or so because I can't scroll down

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Should be in the serial command file, look in the libraries folder under my documents.

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Have you tried setting the CAN Bus network speeds on the CBT first before connecting it to the car? I had this problem with the infotainment CAN in my car, only when I set it to 83kbps manually did I avoid having the CAN network go crazy.

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Finally! Small progress but it is something...

<img src="" />

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The low speed bus that deals with the cabin buttons? I was wondering the same, but I tested the circuit and got 52 on the reading, I can only assume that means there is a resistor on both ends.

Yeah, to get the 29-bit version to compile, copy the libraries folder out of the download and put it in the root of the documents Arduino folder - won't have any problems compiling then.

For 83kbps support, I copied the hard coded values from the master branch;

// Hard coded configs
    case 83:
        config1 = 0x03;
        config2 = 0xBE;
        config3 = 0x07;

And place them above the 'digitalWrite' functions in CANBus.cpp (Line ~205). Do this before copying the libraries folder.

I hope this helps. It turns out I didn't need the 29-bit functions, now I am just having all sorts of trouble trying to write text on my speedometer (under the Audio page). Deciphering what the original stereo sends isn't working as well as I thought it would.

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Makes me wonder if I should go back to 0.4.6, maybe I won't have problems sending CAN packets. I can see logged CAN messages fine on 0.6.0 however, make sure the baud rate is being detected properly. Did you make any further progress with troubleshooting this?

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Any ideas?

The 29-bit version has managed to flag my SRS system as defective and presses random buttons when it is plugged in.

The master 0.6.0 branch has no problems letting me receive/send CAN packets without things going crazy but I believe the car wants 29-bit messages.


EDIT: Copy the values from 0.6.0 for 83.3kbps, there are some hard coded values in the libraries\CANBus folder I believe, these need copying over to the 29-bit branch if you want 83.3kbps.

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