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The overall throughput of LE is at best 1MBps and probably less even if the UART baud rate can be higher.
It cannot send all the bytes of a full CAN bus (even in Binary), but might be able to do something if there were compression (with loss in the first few packets to establish the dictionary). There are usually few CAN addresses, and often data doesn't change at all or only a few bits.

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It might help if you ignored the upper few bits so that "A" could be used instead of 0x01, "B" for 0x02, etc.

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I'm using the new hardware with my software to monitor J1939. I wouldn't have bothered to post this but I have no idea how to delete a draft without posting it.

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I can get it to pair, and I assume it is 57600. I'm not sure about the reset of the pins, but I had to set PD5 output-high (to prevent reset), and I assume BT_SLEEP also needs to be high? I can't get the dual while(SerialX.available... loop to send characters across. Do I have to put the BT chip into some mode? I can't get it to completely connect (blue light comes on, then off after a few secs) - this is to my Android tablet using BlueTerm.

I don't see working source, and I really don't want to poke through thousands of lines.

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OK, here are the mappings:
C(hip select), R(eset), I(nterrupt), CAN port, AVR pin, "Digital Pin"
<pre><code>C1 PB5 9
R1 PD4 4
I1 PD0 3
C2 PB6 10
R2 PD6 12
I2 PD0 2
C3 PC6 5
R3 PB7 11
I3 PE6 7
You have to enable clkout from the first MCP2515 since it drives the other two.

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I've updated CANBusTriple_Diag to print any traffic on any of the ports. It is set to 250K (I'm doing J1939).
It is stand-alone, minimalist, i.e. doesn't use any libraries.
(the third can port was missing messages but seems to be fixed now)

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Should software for the beta hardware "just work" on the production model?

I have no idea what CAN1SELECT and CAN1RESET map to - I know they are buried somewhere across many directories and files but it is a pain finding them, can you just give the actual mapping somewhere? I have enough trouble with Arduino translating them from a pin on a port, but then a second layer just makes things really hard.

The schematic isn't complete - not all the wires are there, and there is no document with all the port/bit assignments. It makes it really hard to program if I don't use the library.

I'm not sure if either of my boards even works. You don't have an "autobaud and dump traffic on all three" which at least would show it working.

One more problem - the USB on a normal port doesn't request enough power, it needs 12v hooked up or I get an infinite boot loop. The leds are very dim in either case.

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see - the CanBusTriple diag might be what you want. I'm about to start playing with it now that I have the units in hand.

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One example for a different interface (j1850) is HarleyDroid. It is GPL and might be adapted.
One mode uses ELM327 requests for vehicle speed and RPM.

My two arrived (along with the SPI RAM!) and there might be some things on though I have yet to try them on the new units.

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