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LucasBest, I finally broke down and purchased the service manuals for the 14 Silverado. Not sure on your Camaro of course, but here, the windows, hvac controls, heated seats and etc are all running on LIN busses. In the wiring diagrams, however it shows there being multiple independent LIN busses, like one for the window switch and motor, and another for the locks for each door independently with the BCM being the hub/switch for those networks. Looking at the telematics schematics and the location of the RKE receiver lead me to believe that those devices are sending CAN messages to the BCM, which then translates and routes the messages to the LIN busses behind it. I haven't yet discovered the msg_IDs for those yet, but I have about 15-20GB worth of log data to sift through.

On a side note, wondering how different the BCMs are between GenV engined vehicles, on the 6-14 pair, do you see msg_ID 0x140? On the Silverado it is the status of the exterior lamps. Auto, Manual headlamps, turn signal and direction, brake lamp status, and the output from the light\dark sensor. If you see the 0x140 to be the same in your vehicle, I can give you the list of the IDs I have deciphered to this point. I have found many, still looking for a whole lot more!

I have difficulty with the GMLAN bible that lives on the "googles"... Need to spend some quality time with it at some point.

KidTurbo, I hope to get my SWGMLAN figured out in the next few weeks. Will let you know what I find.

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Not having mine running yet, I cannot comment, only offer a question. Is it possible for a bus speed mismatch?

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Does the 2002 Corvette even have CANBus? I didn't think the General did that until 2005-6 in the earliest ECUs. You should have no issue with the Enclave, try sniffing on pair 6:14 and IIRC that should be a 500k bus.

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LucasBest, I will be there with you shortly as soon as my CBT shows up. I have a 2014 Silverado and there may actually be three CANBusses available over the DLC port on your vehicle. Previously I have used a Pi with a PiCAN adapter, but am only able to interact with one bus at a time. If you still need it, I will let you know what I find on the other ports.

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