My CBT windows application, C# dll and firmware
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  • Hi, I've published the source code of my windows application which logs CBT packets through serial port.
    You can find it here:
    It's written in C# using WPF.
    You can download windows binaries directly here:

    Note that for filtering can messages using mask, you need my specific firmware version, wchich you can find here:

    I've set up a separate project for the core .dll (<a href="">CANBus-Triple-Dll</a>), which you can reuse in other projects.
    It contains a CBTController class, which you can instantiate passing serial port name, and then call methods, for example:

    var cbt = new CBTController("COM1");
    var info = await cbt.GetSystemInfo();
    Console.Writeln("Device: " + info["name"]);

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  • Awesome, always good to see some sample C# to start with!

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    Awesome! I'm going to check this out tonight!

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