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  • Hello Folks! My name is James, and I build electric cars for a living. We recently started working on vehicles equipped with the FIAMM ZEBRA battery, which is equipped with a very robust Battery Management System that aggressively uses CAN. What you have here is of great interest to us; the ability to read and send CAN messages would be a huge, huge help.

    I've placed an order through the website and can't wait to get started - hopefully you still have units to ship! Please let us know, if this works, we might be ordering over thirty units.


    -James Smith

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  • Very excited to receive the CANBUS! Thank you so much for prompt shipping!

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    We ship same day! (except for weekends) You should be up and running in no time.

    I've been looking into buying an old Datsun 240z (my all time favorite car) and converting it to all electric. I may have to pick your brain some time, when I get to that project! :)

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