Can bus wiring
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  • Today, I am unable to get data to the canbus triple, so I took a look in the connector that fits into the odb port.

    This is what I found:

    Pin 6 - red wire
    Pin 14 - green wire
    pins 4 and 5 - white wire
    Pin 16 - back

    There is a blue wire but it is not connected to anything. Can someone verify this is the way the corrector should be wired?

    Thanks much!


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  • What kind of car? There is no set standard on OBD2 pinouts across manufacturers.

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  • I am working with a 2002 corvette and a Buick 2011 enclave. After looking at pin outs, I think the cable is correct. Must be another issue somewhere. I will keep changing/checking things until it works. :)

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  • Does the 2002 Corvette even have CANBus? I didn't think the General did that until 2005-6 in the earliest ECUs. You should have no issue with the Enclave, try sniffing on pair 6:14 and IIRC that should be a 500k bus.

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