Request : CLI program to binary dump canbus data to a file
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  • How hard is it to write a program that will "enable" one or more of the can bus'es and makes a binary dump to a file ?

    I think I run into problems with the fact that my laptop is not fast enough for all the graphical overhead of the app & wireshark.
    I am pretty sure a CLI would have so little overhead that my old hardware would be fast enough.

    Would somebody take a try at this ?

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  • If you are on windows and have .net framework installed you can try this console application written in C#:
    I've created it using my <a href="">windows dll</a>. It's built on .net framework v 4.5.2

    Syntax is:
    <code>CBTConsole.exe [COM port name] [bus] [output file]</code>

    See also:

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  • Thanks,
    I am on a M$ free environment though. 8-)
    linux only

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    I wonder if you could use Mono to run on Linux?

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  • I just ordered a mini lcd screen, a mini usb keyboard for one of my raspberry pi units.
    Will try to make a little computer to capture stuff while driving.
    Will be using python. If I have something to show, will post it here

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